Current version 0.1.13 [Released March 2017]


localCIDER is a Python package for carrying out a range of calculations on disordered protein sequences. It allows users to carry out high-throughput calculations on large datasets using their own infrastructure, as well as create programatic pipeline. localCIDER runs on linux, OSX, and windows.


Please see our GitHub hosted documentation here. This includes tutorials and installation instructions.

Development and citation

CIDER was developed by Alex Holehouse, based on code written by James Ahad. For any questions please contact Alex at alex.holehouse@wustl.edu.

Please cite CIDER and localCIDER as;

A.S. Holehouse, R.K. Das, J.N. Ahad, M.O.G. Richardson, R.V. Pappu (2017) CIDER: Resources to analyze sequence-ensemble relationships of intrinsically disordered proteins. Biophysical Journal, 112: 16-21 Access Article

Also, please make sure to cite the original papers were specific sequence insights were first determined (see the CIDER paper for an appropriate list).