Current version 0.1.7 [Private Alpha]


CTraj is a general purpose analysis framework for analysing simulation trajectories of disordered proteins and disordered regions. It is built to specifically work with CAMPARI, but also works with trajectories generated from a wide range of other simulation engines. CTraj has a WIDE range of polymeric and IDP specific analyses not found in other anlysis packages. In addition, in contains a number of entirely new analysis routines and approaches developed in the Pappu lab to explore local and global conformational heterogeneity as well as identifying weak long-range conformational preferences.

While still in development, the official CTraj site is now live at ctraj.com.


As of right now no documentation is available. CTraj is still very much in development, but is being activly used within the Pappu lab for science. If you would like private alpha access please contact Alex directly - we'd love for active users to test out the tools in the context of their own simulations.